Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm not dead.

Oh, hello there. I see you have stumbled onto my blog somehow. Now, you are probably looking at my last post and thinking to yourself, "Wow, that poor sap, he writes a post specifically pointing out how he hasn't been blogging much lately and then assuring everyone in the strongest possible terms that he is going to be returning to his prolific writing ways in short order. That was almost one year ago, with nary a cute cat picture, nonsensical cultural commentary, or blatantly biased political rant to show for it. He probably lives a pathetic, lonely life, living in his mother's basement. How sad." Now, while you may have been more or less correct about that last part, I do assure you, I haven't given up writing. Basically what happened was, I became pretty obsessed with Twitter (follow me here,) and once I got so accustomed to sending out my every thought, no matter how random or banal, as it occurred to me, I realized I didn't have much to write in this space anymore. I also started a Tumblr blog (located here) where I still post pictures or videos or other things that amuse me, without having to come up with 500 words about exactly what it is that I enjoy about a video of a bunch of guinea pigs eating a watermelon. It's just self-explanatory. Anyways, I'm going to leave this blog up so if you have never been here before, feel free to go through the 200+ posts, and if you enjoy my unique insight into this zany world we live in, feel free to follow my further adventures elsewhere on the Internets. Good day to you.