Thursday, June 11, 2009

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Having spent most of my teenage life as a bit of a movie toy collector (also called 'figurines' if you own a comic book store, or 'dolls' if you're a jerk), I still have several 'dork shelves' in my parents' house dedicated to my Star Wars and Mcfarlane obsessions. I think this phase reached it's peak when I was in the 11th grade and went to Zellers on my lunch break to pick up most of the newly released Episode 1 figures, Jar Jar and all (keep in mind the movie wasn't out yet). I took solace that I did not go it alone, as on that particular day I was joined by someone who is now the co-creator and main contributor of a very comprehensive site on comics, film and video games called 'Dork Shelf.' I think he deserves some credit here as I have posted several videos to Action and Action which he has brought to my attention (Hard Ticket to Hawaii, He Loves a Fat Girl), including this one which was recently posted to their site. (If you're not familiar with Magnum P.I., I may recommend going straight to the side by side comparison of that show's opening and the video posted below).

The astute observation was also made that Tom Selleck was originally cast to play Indiana Jones but couldn't due to a conflict with his Magnum P.I. schedule, so George Lucas agreed to free Ford of his carbonite prison long enough to film 1982's Raiders of the Lost Arc before re-freezing him in time for Return of the Jedi. This adds another coincidental layer to the likening of these two characters.

Other things worth checking out on Dork Shelf include Will's list of 'Great Moments in Stop Motion Animation' (which was featured on popular site as well as the soon to be posted 7th podcast featuring a very special guest (I'll give you a clue, it's me).

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