Sunday, October 5, 2008

flirting on the shoreline.

R Kelly and Broken Social Scene. Two musical entities who, at least on the surface, share little to nothing in common (although one commonality that they do share is that I count myself as big fans of both.) The fact that I get such enjoyment out of both of these artists, who live on two opposite sides of an increasingly chaotic musical spectrum, speaks volumes of my extremely erratic musical tastes - but what would happen were one to combine these two unique sounds?

The answer is: it would be pretty fucking awesome. So check out this brilliant mashup of Broken Social Scene's 7/4 Shoreline and R Kelly's I'm a Flirt:

There's something inexplicably pleasing to my brain that occurs when I hear T-Pain singing when usually I should be hearing Leslie Feist.

This was made by the fantastic the Hood Internet, who have a huge cache of similarly bizarre remixes that almost always come out better than the sum of their parts. You could, and should, spend the rest of the day exploring some of the other stuff they've done.

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Shaun said...

That is absolutely incredible! I gotta figure out how to put that on my Ipod!