Thursday, October 2, 2008

what's the frequency, Kenneth?

If you still have never seen 30 Rock, I implore you to drop everything you are doing and start watching season 1 immediately. Over the last 2 years its been consistently one of the sharpest, most well-written comedies on television, and it also has probably one of the best casts ever assembled. You can say what you want about Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan, who are both ridiculously hilarious on the show (Tina Fey is certainly no slouch either,) but Jack McBrayer's Kenneth the page character has been one of the bright spots in the bizarre cast of supporting characters since the shows inception.

The wide-eyed innocence that naive country boy Kenneth maintains in the face of the increasingly insane shenanigans that are continually going on at the NBC building never fails to get some of the biggest laughs of any given episode, and McBrayer has managed to perfect the same sort of comedic timing in his recent movie role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and in the following videos which I found on FunnyorDie:

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part II is here and part III is here.

plus, as another excuse to post something about Mariah Carey, catch Jack in the video for Touch My Body.

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