Friday, February 6, 2009

do you want me to trash your lights!?!

By now you've probably heard about the now-infamous Christian Bale outburst from the set of Terminator: Salvation when he screamed at the DP, Shane Hurlbut for fiddling with the lights in the middle of an important scene. I have avoided mentioning it thus far but the internet has been going mental over this clip for the last week or so, with a large camp declaring Bale a self-righteous asshole. He probably does deserve some of this, as he does go way, way overboard during his nearly 5 minute long rant. So this has obviously become a new internet meme and has resulted in all kinds of funny, awesome reinterpretations like the techno remix:

I obviously find this stuff fucking hilarious (as you can see from the picture I photoshopped above this post,) but I also have huge respect for Bale as an actor and from what I understand, messing around with the lighting when somebody is trying to act is distracting and pretty frowned upon in the film world. AICN posted a great piece in his defense when this first happened and if you are going to listen to the outburst and laugh like so many of us have then you should read that as well as it gives you a bit of a different perspective on the whole situation. So this brings me to my point, which was that Bale recently phoned in to the radio station KROQ to talk about the incident. He sounds genuinely apologetic, makes fun of himself and explains his side of the whole situation and I think he sounds like a pretty cool guy who was going through some difficulties at the time and had a freak out that was unfortunately broadcast to the entire universe a few months later. Check it out:


kiley said...

the remix is proof that God loves the internet.

tell me you've seen F*uckin' Newsies on best week ever! brilliant!

i agree... dude had a bad day, everyone does.

Your Best Friend said...

Nice find with that radio show clip, I'm glad I heard it. Do you think when Bale hung up the phone he said to himself 'god I'm a brilliant actor'?

sconner said...

We've been watching this around the office, and now we use these phrases all the time. Whoever put this together is a genius!