Thursday, February 12, 2009

inglourious basterds.

If you hadn't heard, the trailer for Quentin Tarantino's new WWII flick, Inglourious Basterds just premiered. This has been in the works for years and years and it looks like Quentin is fast tracking it for premiere at Cannes in a few months so I am pretty excited to see how this turns out.


kiley said...

i am so down for this one! the Q does it again!

guttafool said...

your link is for an eddie murphy movie.

ming-ming said...

As long as its not like Hostel, I'm in!

Bobbo said...

thats the last thing his critics would expect - a family comedy starring eddie murphy.

link fixed.

and it might be similar to hostel. eli roth, who directed hostel is one of the actors in the movie and from what i understand its going to be pretty gruesome. but hey, they are killing Nazis, so its ok.