Thursday, November 20, 2008

i wanna be with you everywhere.

Discussion of the best Fleetwood Mac album pretty much starts and ends with their 1977 masterpiece Rumours, and with good cause - it's a pretty fucking great album. But 1987's Tango in the Night is also really really good. Although this was the last album they recorded with their most well-known lineup, they were still were one of the few bands who came of age in the 70s that managed to survive and even thrive during the following decade, and it's interesting to hear how they incorporated certain sonic elements of the period into their sound. Tell Me Lies is probably the most well known song off the record, but my favourite is definitely Christine McVie's Everywhere.

Not only is Everywhere a great song, but one of my favourite pastimes is creating alternate, dirty lyrics to popular songs, and this is a great one for that. The best is probably "I wanna pee on you everywhere," but I would also accept "I wanna pee in my underwear," or "I wanna urinate in your hair."

Also, what in God's name is going on in this video?? Who approved this? Only in the 80's would someone think that this video was a good idea. I blame cocaine.


Taylor said...

That video is weird, to say the least. When I call something weird, it's usually a good thing... but not in this case. xD The song's not bad though.

It seems you're pulling a Weird Al, are you? I would love to hear some of your parodies. =P

Taylor said...

P.S. Speaking of dirty parodies, you should check out this:
Which is a parody of this:

Gotta love McFly, haha.

kiley said...

ahhh, dirty lyrics... it just gives music that something extra. however their Rumors album didn't need any help. case in point, Second Hand News...

"When times go bad
When times go rough
Won't you lay me down in tall grass And let me do my stuff."

this song has always struck me as the "hate fuck anthem", you know 2 people who can't stand each other but the loathing makes the sex better.... admit it... you've had a few of