Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Diamond Dave

David Lee Roth is one of my favourite rock frontmen, and pretty much personifies every excessive rock and roll stereotype that you can imagine. He's definitely not the greatest singer, but he more than makes up for it just by being such an amazing showman. He's also widely regarded as being one of the best ever in terms of onstage banter, which I know from experience is an extremely hard talent to master. Now I'm sure posting the video for Jump probably doesn't buy me any, 'cool, indie, scene guy' points, but hey, if you don't know already that I am pretty much as far from a cool, hip guy as is humanly possible, you were going to find out soon enough anyways. Besides, the video is amazing, and who doesn't love Jump?? Anyone that says they don't like that song is lying through their fucking teeth.

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