Wednesday, August 6, 2008

hairless cats...weird.

So I am a little depressed recently because one of my friends who is moving into my apartment is extremely allergic to cats, so its looking like I'm going to have to give up my cat, Gord. Which is really unfortunate because I happen to be very fond of that fat fucking retard. Trying to come up with a solution to this shitty situation got me thinking about hairless cats, and how if I had one, it wouldn't be a problem. So I searched some images of hairless cats, and now I think I officially do want one someday. I mean, look at these disgusting monstrosities:

I happen to be of the opinion that the uglier a pet is, the more adorable it is, so these hairless cats are pretty much the pinnacle of cuteness, because as you can see, they are absolutely hideous and weird looking. They look like slugs with four legs and a tail. Fantastic. I think I'm going to get one someday.

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kiley said...

they look like diseased penises that decided to get up and walk away