Friday, May 23, 2008

Steven Seagal can hurt you in many different ways

I fucking love Steven Seagal. When I was growing up, even though he was the unlikely choice, he was definitely my favourite action hero. In Hard to Kill, this corrupt politician has his family killed, and after he wakes up from a 7-year coma, he goes on this absolute rampage of destruction (after a sweet early 90's training montage,) and uses his Aikido training to pretty much kill every motherfucker involved in the whole family killing incident. He even gets to bone Kelly LeBrock (and Seagal receives bonus points for actually boning Kelly LeBrock in real life afterwards.) Plus his name in the movie is Mason Storm. He could have no martial arts training whatsoever and would still be a massive badass based on this terrific name alone. I have probably seen Hard to Kill at least 100 times. My point is that Steven Seagal is pretty much the ultimate badass.

One of the writers from Ain't it Cool News (my favourite movie site on the internet,) has written a super geeky book which meticulously analyzes Seagal's entire filmography, called Seagalogy. You can check it out on Amazon, and as I mentioned earlier, my birthday is coming up, so any generous individuals reading this can easily pick up this sure-to-be-amazing book.

But the ultimate point here is that Steven Seagal is fucking amazing, and if you have never seen any of his movies you owe it to yourself to at least check out everything up until Under Seige after which he became kind of bloated and obnoxious.

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