Tuesday, May 27, 2008

we are so fucked.

I can't stop freaking out about this. It is an absolutely terrifying clip of this robot called "the Big Dog," built by some exceptionally short-sighted fools from this company called Boston Dynamics. This thing is seriously going to enslave us all one day.


Its being developed with funding from DARPA, or the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency. I swear I'm not making this up, it sounds like something out of a fucking William Gibson novel. This is so obviously a bad idea. Apparently its primary task is going to be to carry weapons and ammunition across a crowded battlefield. Fantastic, you've done a real bang up job fellas. Next stop:

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kiley said...

thanks a whole hell of a lot! now i won't be able to sleep. that thing straight up looks like they cut the legs off a horse... now i have to spend my life savings on a stock pile of weapons