Monday, March 2, 2009

Star Trek TNG high comedy.


OK, I'm sorry, I won't type in all-caps ever again. I'm just really excited about the prospect of having some more people contributing here, I think this is going to be really cool, and I'm also just glad I have have someone at least somewhat covering for me when I am stricken with one of my frequent bouts of just-don't-feel-like-doing-it-itis.

Anyways, I am shocked that someone has been making this incredibly irreverent, hilarious, Star Trek: the Next Generation mashup on Youtube for months and I am just hearing about it now. TNG is somewhat of a Youtube staple. There have been various minor comic triumphs like the filthy rap song, and the Picard remix...but this ongoing series from Jan van den Hemel and Andrew Hussie elevates the burgeoning genre to a serious artform.

via BWE

I feel like I could just keep embedding these all day, but you should just go and check out all their videos on their Youtube page. They also do mashups of Back to the Future. I haven't watched one of those yet as I've been too engrossed in TNG, but I'm going to go ahead and predict that yes, those are fucking hilarious too.

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ming-ming said...

Thank you for making my life complete.
And for giving me more reasons not to do my homework.