Tuesday, March 17, 2009

terror of golf course.

Now, there's nothing that I can see that specifically says that this is from Japan, but you know what, this is weird enough that even if it originated in Korea, or China, or elsewhere in Asia, I think it qualifies as officially Japanese.

What's that, you'd like some more and you want the strangeness level turned up even higher? Ask and ye shall receive:


eric blair said...

just so you know, the titles of the videos are japanese, which leads me to believe that the same is true for the videos themselves

ming-ming said...

Yeah... those are Japanese, the writing is in Japanese, haha.
And those were disturbing. The first one especially, I did not enjoy that one bit.
The second was one was KIND OF funny... but... still disturbing... >.>

Bobbo said...

regardless of what culture spawned these videos I think we can all agree that they are fucking disturbing and we should celebrate that.