Friday, March 6, 2009

yaaaay, that's great!

Nicely done, Noah! You have officially won the Internet. You've earned this, big guy:

So now you guys have met the new supporting cast, and for the final time, I am really excited about having Noah and Mark on board, and I think it's going to mean very good things for this little old corner of the webisphere (I think I just made up that word.) Anyways Mark clearly had no moral qualms with shamelessly plugging the ever-loving shit out of his various projects, but Noah seems to think he is above such an action. I'm not above it at all though, so check out Noah in his web series My Robot Friend. You also might want to become one of the 800,000 people that have already enjoyed this following video:


Shaun said...

Roosoe.. if you havn't already. .you gotta check out "The Shining Recut" on youtube.. its absolutely hilarious.

Bobbo said...

I'm way ahead of you by about two years. I think I've posted it in this blog before actually.

"I'm your new foster father."

Shaun said...

yeah, i saw it about a year ago.. when solsbury hill comes on, it gets me crying with laughter everytime.