Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Terminator Salivation.

The new trailer for Terminator Salvation is going to be attached to Watchmen which comes out Friday (!!!) but Warner Brothers has released it online via Yahoo. I was highly skeptical of this project when it was announced. Terminator and Terminator 2 are kind of sacred ground for me - T3 was kind of fun but I still died a little inside when I saw it, and I kind of despise the Sarah Connor Chronicles. So When McG was announced as the director for the new film I prepared myself for a disaster of Aliens vs Predator proportions, but he has managed to say all the right things and his casting decisions have been interesting and most every image and trailer that have been released so far has been really impressive. He seems to really want to embrace the continuity of the franchise, he has reached out to James Cameron for his blessing and now there is talk that Linda Hamilton and the Governator may be involved in some way as well (a Hamilton voice over to start the film, and the use of Arnie's face digitally mapped onto a younger Austrian bodybuilder, allegedly.) And now we have this new trailer which reveals more about the story and characters than ever before, and I have to say, this has pretty much reached must-see status with me. I really like the look of everything, so much of the outdoor action is outside in broad daylight, and the war between humans and machines has yet to descend into the nightmare world of the Cameron films. Supposedly this is the first film in a trilogy of new Terminator movies so I am really anxious for this to be as good as it looks.

Its no wonder Bale was screaming at the DP, this shit looks intense.

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