Monday, July 28, 2008

in your tiny, mutant eyes.

I've already gone on record with my love for all things Schwarzenegger, so it goes without saying that I consider Total Recall to be one of the greatest films ever made. On a completely unrelated subject, I am also a big Peter Gabriel fan so obviously I have a profound love of the song In Your Eyes, which was forever immortalized in the classic Cameron Crowe movie Say Anything.

Yet as I discovered today, when you put together these two seemingly unconnected pop culture standards, the end result is literally the greatest thing I've ever seen.

By the way, I found this video on Best Week Ever, which is one of my favourite blogs, and one of the places where I routinely steal content without any sort of proper acknowledgment.


Shaun said...

haha this is fucking hilarious.. now if only the tiny mutant held up a boombox above his head!

kiley said...

Say Anything is one of Cusack's finest films...

"Loyd Dobbler... alright."