Monday, July 21, 2008

my eight-year-old self would be disgusted.

Probably the coolest add-on for the new Firefox is something called Firenes, which allows you to play old-school Nintendo games directly on your web browser via a simple flash player. So I have become really hooked on playing Contra, but I have come to a somewhat embarrassing conclusion: I am fucking terrible at Contra. This was a game that as a small child, I could easily beat, and now I am a grown man and I can barely make it past the second level. It's really quite depressing. I have gotten so used to complicated games like Grand Theft Auto and Metal Gear that I have forgotten my video game roots. However, the plus side to this unfortunate reality is that I was looking searching Youtube for Contra videos and I found this sweet video of a guy playing the music from the 1st level on guitar. He also plays music from other 80s video games, you know, if you're into that sort of thing.

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Shaun said...

Wow.. incredible video. that guy could easily play for dragonforce! The Contra series is my all-time favorite nintendo series.. however, your right.. its hard as nails (unless you enter the 30 lives cheat!)