Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Danny Wood is ugly

So there is a big hubbub right now about the New Kids on the Block reunion. In honour of this momentous occasion I have decided to post this totally random picture of Danny Wood who, in spite of the fact that he was a performer in one of the most successful teen idol, heartthrob boy bands ever...is a pretty hideous looking dude.


Also, I had no idea prior to today, but were you aware that Danny, one of the ugliest, weirdest looking guys ever (I really can't stress this enough,) used to have sex with one of the hottest women on the planet, Halle Berry? It sounds insane, well, actually it is completely insane but here is some photo evidence to back me up.

Man, the early 90's were a weird time. I just can't wait until early 90's retro fashion makes a comeback. And by "can't wait," I actually mean, "the thought of that makes me want to stab out my eyeballs with a pencil."


dixie dawn said...

for some reason danny was my favourite. i think it was because he was no one elses favourite. but fuck he was ugly. i think i knew he was then too.

DannyFan said...

Danny is not ugly! I think that he is hot. If I knew how to leave pitures on here I would leave some really good ones of him. I think that you just havent seen the right pictures. I will say that not all pictures taken of him have been his best. But who can honestly say that every picture that they have ever taken is their best?

I know that I am not alone and that he has a lot of fans.

Not only that but I think that you are ignorant for thinking that your taste in men applies to all women and that your arrogant for posting it.

blaque_pearlz7 said...
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blaque_pearlz7 said...

Oh please, Danny Wood is not ugly. I wish I could go out on a date with him. He has and will always be my favorite of the group. The same people that call Danny ugly, probably look like roadkill themselves.