Monday, June 23, 2008

trailer mashups make me smile.

One of my favourite things that the internet, in all its infinite wisdom, has blessed us with is the movie trailer mashup. For some reason I get a real kick out of people who recut trailers to make them seem like completely different films than they actually are. Here are some of my favourites.

this is a pretty new one, the epic action adventure blockbuster, Superbad:

the devastating human drama about a day in the life of troubled teen Ferris Bueller, Requiem for a Day Off:

the terrifying suspense / thriller about loneliness, stalking, and potential violence in the big city, When Harry Met Sally:

And finally, my personal favourite, the heartwarming romantic comedy, Shining:

Despite some really high hopes, I was mildly disappointed with the Tarantino / Rodriguez 70's movie-geek dick measuring contest, Grindhouse. I really liked Death Proof, and I thought Planet Terror was just ok. To me, the best part of either movie was the fake trailers that they played between them. The best one of the bunch is Edgar Wright's Don't. He is one of my absolute favourite directors, and I would gladly shell out 12 bucks to see Don't, which if it actually existed, would probably be one of the most incredible movies ever made.

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