Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stan Winston has died.

R.I.P Stan Winston 1946 - 2008

This makes me really really sad. Stan Winston, an absolute legend in the world of visual effects, has died. He was 62. It's really hard to understate the impact that Stan had on the world of practical effects. His incredible work is featured in some of the most amazing and visually impressive films of all time, like the Terminator movies, Aliens, Predator, Jurassic Park and many more. He most recently had designed the effects for Iron Man, and his work in that movie is what helped to elevate what could have been a totally mediocre cgi fest, into an instant classic comic book adaptation. He was also currently working on a new Terminator trilogy, which gave that project way more credibility to skeptical fanboys like me. I was a huge fan of Stan's and it really saddens me that he is gone, but he will live on in the countless people working in visual effects that he has inspired with his amazing work, not to mention in all the classic films he was a part of.

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