Monday, June 2, 2008

Fresh Prince en italiano

Fresh Prince of Bel Air is clearly one of the greatest television shows ever made. But what if it were translated into italian? Is there a chance that it could somehow become even better? The answer is no, there is no possible way to improve Fresh Prince. but check out the opening credits and theme song for the italian version and tell me you don't want to watch the rest of this bad boy:

I will never be able to take Will Smith seriously. I did enjoy his ultra bizarre hitting on mannequins behavior in I Am Legend, even though that movie sucked. But for instance in Bad Boys he plays this streetwise, tough-talking Miami police detective, but it just seems so phony, like it is physically painful for him to say the word "motherfucker."

Even Martin Lawrence is thinking "Will, you're not fooling anyone dude."

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guttafool said...

the last ten seconds of the song wrap it up perfectly.