Tuesday, September 30, 2008

jesus is my friend.

These are troubling times we are living in. For those of you that are feeling depressed or confused about things like the sad state of the economy, wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere, genocide in Darfur, or rampant, deadly diseases with no cure in sight like cancer or AIDS , I implore you to watch the following video. Even if you don't buy into the nauseatingly positive religious message, you should be able to appreciate it on a more subversive, ironic level, which will distract you momentarily from all that other bad stuff.

Now I hope you were paying particular attention to what's going on around 1:40 into the song...I'm talking, of course, about the line where the singer describes how "Jesus came and found me / and he touched me down inside." I mean, even if you were a really naive, positive religious person, how could you write that line and not realize that there was potential for that to be misinterpreted? Also, what's with the line where he threatens that Jesus will "zap you any way he can?" What does that even mean? That he is going to zap you with his magic Jesus love powers? The Jesus that these people worship seems like a frightening guy who I do not want to be associated with.

Still, I gotta say that although the guitar player is probably not a person that I would enjoy hanging out with on a Friday night (or any night really,) he does have some pretty sweet stage moves.


Taylor said...

That was... interesting, to say the least. You should totally steal some of his stage moves, hahah.

kiley said...

Rob,your mission is clear... you must get the band to do a cover and add this as a bonus track on Youth Games 2.0... at the very least you, Evan, and David could do an acoustic for all of your youtube fans. now go forth and make Jesus proud!!!