Wednesday, September 10, 2008

show me the way.

First of all, I hope you enjoy the brand new header at the top of the page. I spent all day making it instead of doing something productive like cleaning my room or painting my apartment. Or playing Aerobie.

In Wayne's World 2, Wayne reminds us that "everybody has Frampton Comes Alive, if you live in the suburbs it was issued to you," or something along those lines. Well I grew up in the suburbs and I was and still am a big classic rock nerd, but up until very recently, I had still never heard any of Frampton Comes Alive. In fact, I was first introduced to this song via the brilliant cover version of it on Dinosaur Jr's Your Living All Over Me, which is another incredible record that I didn't start listening to until very recently. Besides, Frampton's signature sound, the Talk Box, is generally regarded as a pretty cheesy gimmick amongst most guitar players. Although there is also a chance that that's not true at all and that was just a vague, unresearched blanket statement. My point is that I finally checked out the Frampton version, and it is pretty cool. And while I still find the talk box cheesy, somehow at the same time its...pretty fucking awesome.

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kiley said...

i 1st heard this album in my best friends basement. her parents were leftover hippies with the most beautiful vinyl collection i've ever seen... there's something about that crackling sound from a turn table..

and i believe the words you are looking for are, "it came free in the mail with boxes of Tide."

.. you're welcome.