Sunday, September 7, 2008

officially worried.

I can't imagine that its a pure coincidence that only a few days after I officially endorsed Michelle Obama over Cindy McCain in the politically volatile "who is the hotter potential first lady" race, effectively dooming McCain in the upcoming election, he then picked this lady as his running mate:

John McCain, you are a sly old dog.

Seriously though, to me this seems like a pretty shamelessly transparent political move on McCain's part to both regain his image as a maverick, political revolutionary, distract voters from the issues that actually matter to the country, and win some of the votes of disenfranchised Hillary Clinton supporters...which makes total sense because after all, Sarah Palin is, like Hillary, a woman. Anyways, I want to think that most reasonable people would see through this political bullshit, but then after her speech at the RNC, where she won over America by reading a speech that was written and prepared for her by a Bush speechwriter, I am officially nervous about the upcoming US election. I need some words of encouragement from Barack:

Yeah...that'll do nicely.

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