Wednesday, September 17, 2008

sherry fraser.

Marcy Playground was one of the more memorable one-hit wonder bands of the 90's. In 1997, their smash hit single Sex and Candy was absolutely everywhere, and like so many other like-minded, vaguely angsty teenagers, I bought their album. Although they never put out another single that was anywhere near as big, I always loved this song, Sherry Fraser. No particular reason, I just think its a beautiful song, and it makes me kind of sad that it never became popular. Although I highly doubt Marcy Playground frontman John Wozniak is that upset about it, as he probably goes to sleep on a bed of money and has beautiful women fanning him and washing him at all times like Eddie Murphy in Coming to America.

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Taylor said...

I love it!
Wow, I was only 4 when this came out... that's really sad! Haha!
I'm going to download their album, I think. =]

Oh yeah, and see you tomorrow!