Monday, September 8, 2008

the world's best flying ring.

Those of you that came of age in the 1990's might remember the Aerobie, the astonishing flying ring. I never understood why it never dominated the outdoor flying disc market - in my humble opinion it is somewhere between 100 and 9 million times more fun to throw around than a frisbee. Since I've been back in Canada I've become obsessed with playing with my Aerobie again as part of my natural routine of going outside and excercising and enjoying the beautiful summer weather only in the days before the temperature begins to drop, ominously signalling the icy hellscape that Montreal becomes in the winter. Throwing it and watching it glide through the air just gives me this odd sense of boyish wonder, which I thought was just another of my many charming personality quirks, but then I watched the following Aerobie video on YouTube where the creator of the Aerobie pretty much describes that exact same feeling, before a professional frisbee thrower throws one out of a football stadium. So basically I have come to the conclusion that Aerobies could potentially bring about world peace, cure AIDS, eliminate poverty, and launch the human race, like a spinning fluorescent-pink disc, into a Gene Roddenberry-esque social utopia.

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