Wednesday, January 14, 2009

get money, get paid.

This is an older video but I was trying to explain how good it is to some friends recently and I couldn't find the adequate words so I'm going to post it. Apologies to everyone who has already seen this. I don't really know what the deal is with the guy that made this, and I don't care. His fridge is fully stocked and he probably gets more ass than...actually I'm no good at those clever analogies. He probably gets a lot of ass though.


Taylor said...

Oh my.
I didn't think one could swear so much within the span of 6 minutes. Seriously... that shit is fucked up! =]

His fridge is pretty damned awesome, though... I find it a bit concerning that he has no food in his fridge. =/

Anyhoo, that was extremely entertaining. =D

kiley said...

i think i found my new boyfriend! that brother knows his ladies... and he ain't wrong about the kool aid. that mess explodes every DAMN time!!!... man, i'm thirsty now

Mark said...

Choice cuts include:

"Bam, hit the little nigga with a freeze pop!"

"Nigga made a pizza!"

"For the earthy, I don't eat meat, Erykah Badu chick..."

Also of note: Mr. Chi City vs. a bug