Tuesday, January 6, 2009

old and rejected.

Happy New Years everyone. I'm back in Montreal and preparing myself what is shaping up to be quite a hectic year. For my first post of 2009 (God is it really 2009? I'm starting to feel ridiculously old. Hey remember that stuff that happened in 1999, ten fucking years ago?? While I may be rapidly transforming into an old geezer, I can still take solace in the fact that we are inching ever closer to the age of the space elevator. Also, the age when I can have myself cryogenically frozen before death like Mel Gibson in Forever Young and then be revived in a Star Trek-esque social utopia. Or something to that effect.)

Err, as I was saying, for my first post of 2009 I thought I would share this short film by brilliant animator Don Hertzfeldt, Rejected.


ming-ming said...


"My spoon is too big."

"Did you bring your coat?"
"I live in a giant bucket."

And I feel fat and sassy on a daily basis =p

This is the funniest thing I've seen all New Year.

It's 2009, that mean's I am almost two decades old.
I'm so glad I just barely made it into the 80s, haha.

Taylor said...

I've actually seen this already! =P
My brother showed it to me a few years ago... "My spoon is too big! My spoon is too big! I AM A BANANA!" <-- he says that far too often though, hahaha.

Happy New Year!! <3