Wednesday, January 14, 2009

new Kelly Clarkson.

After the whole fiasco 2 years ago when Clarkson insisted on writing her album My December almost entirely on her own, despite the protests of label boss Clive Davis (and that album predictably didn't sell nearly as much as her ridiculously massive hit, Breakaway,) she has gone the safe route here and gone back to hitmakers Dr. Luke and Max Martin for her new single, My Life Would Suck Without You. It pretty much sounds exactly like Since U Been Gone, but thats not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, I kind of love this song and it's almost certain to be another huge hit for Kelly. Good for her.

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kiley said...

yep, sounds just like since you been gone... but God help me I LOVE HER!!!!!! she has this power in her voice and a little bit of gravel (makes me think of Stevie Nicks a little). the girl can SING!! i wish my voice was a little more rock and a little less... church. i will say this when it's time to praise the Lord with song, you hear me all the way from the very last pew!... yeah people stare.