Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Spin Earth.

Spin Earth is a new site launched by Spin Magazine that is essentially a new, "Web 2.0" way of being able to find out about what's going on in music scenes around the world. Somehow, I am one of the correspondents and I'm going to be making videos and basically reporting in about different shows and artists and events and whatever else I can think of that will be interesting, the point is I will be able to invade your lives in a new, fun, and exciting way.


I'm actually not even sure if I'm allowed to post this, but here's my first video I did for Spin Earth anyways, I made it last weekend when I went to see Fucked Up.

Just so you know, I say 'Spin Magazine' at the beginning because when I made this I still didn't know what to say. I will get it right from now on.


kiley said...

OMG! that's really exciting! i'm looking forward to seeing more, especially if it's more footage of dudes that look like that guy from Fucked Up.... i'd hit it. *shrugs*

maybe for the next one you should consider "uglying it up" a little. with you getting so much exposure these days you don't want to encourage a stalker.... just sayin.

seriously... that's pretty damn cool! almost made my girl parts sing :)

ming-ming said...

Pretty cool Rob!
You're going to be an internet-celeb!

I like the double computer thing you have going on. Is that a macbook-pc combo?
Looks kind of like what I have going on right now... hahaha.

Sweet,can't wait to be seeing more from you.