Thursday, January 22, 2009

n-hole it was your birthday.

So it was my friend Nichole's birthday on Monday. Now, I went to see Fucked Up with her and her sister / my old stalker Michelle this weekend and it was kind of an official birthday hangout, but yet when Monday rolled around I don't think I gave her a call. I'm not sure why exactly this was, I think I got confused as to when the actual date of the birthday was. How did I manage that? I have no idea. But anyways I just realized this tonight and I felt like a dick so I made this sweet belated birthday card, so happy birthday Nichole.


Mark said...

How good is that Fucked Up album? 'No Epiphany' is one of the stronger FU tracks I've heard in a while - the half-step breakdown is all sorts of destruction.

P.S. Happy birthday, Nicole.

guttafool said...

best blog / birthday card ever!
Thanks Rob!!!!!

Bobbo said...

by the way, I just thought I would clarify that Michelle is my friend too, not just Nichole's sister and my old stalker. thank you.