Friday, January 23, 2009

my reactions to the Lost season 5 premiere as they occured in real time.

I have been following Lost intently since its first season, and it is really remarkable looking back just how far the storyline has progressed since it first started 5 years ago. My Lost fanatacism hit its peak during the show's 2nd season: that's when I was actively seeking out Lost message boards, and spending several hours a day working out different theories in an attempt to explain the show's mysteries, which were rapidly piling up largely unexplained with no end in sight. At some point during the 3rd season, I realized that it is much easier to enjoy Lost without becoming so obsessed with trying to explain it. That's what is frustrating when people complain so much about the show's aversion to answering some of the big glaring questions that it has asked over the last 5 years: if the writers explained all the mysteries that drew fans into the show in the first place, then people wouldn't watch the show. The confusion and frustration that comes with not knowing what the fuck is going on is what makes Lost so great.

So since I stopped worrying so much and learned to just enjoy the episodes as they happened, I have discovered a newfound appreciation for this show. Ever since they decided on a definite end to the story, and shortened the seasons a few episodes, thus elimating any of the pointless and frustrating "here's what happened when Jack got a tattoo" episodes, it has been on a serious roll. I think by the time this series finishes after its 6th and last season next year, it is going to be very difficult to dispute the fact that Lost is one of the most sprawling, epic, and unimaginably complex pieces of work in all of popular fiction. It's really a miracle that this show ever became a hit on network television.

Anyways I finally got around to watching all of the amazing season 5 premiere last night. Here are my thoughts on the episode as they occured in real time. If you haven't seen the episode than there is a definite spoiler alert. There is also a strong language alert, because I take this shit seriously, son.


00:45 - another alarm and record player season opening.

1:20 - Who the fuck is this guy??

2:15 - CANDLE!!! WTF???

5:10 - Farraday is back in time! Fuck!

6:25 - I will miss bearded Jack.

14:00 - Kate's going back on the run. that sounds about right.

17:20 - Locke witnessing the place crash, ahhh!!!

19:20 - Ethan! Holy shit!!

20:20 - this time travel stuff is actually blowing my mind.

25:10 - Sayid is one bad motherfucker.

25:53 - Fucking fuck! I wrote that previous entry before 10 other crazy things happened!

33:30 - You're gonna have to die John. AAAh! Fuck!

35:20 - the hatch is back!

35:30 - I just realized shirtless Sawyer is travelling through time.

37:15 - No shirt for you Sawyer.

39:15 - old crazy Desmond!

39:40 - the rules don't apply to Desmond!!

41:40 - Ahhh! this is crazy!! fuck!!


2:00 - Hurley is the voice of reason.

3:45 - Ana Lucia! Fuck!!

4:30 - DO NOT get arrested. If only someone had told me that on that one cold, lonely evening.

5:35 - Lost randoms! Neil Frogurt.

12:33 - Locke is dead isnt he? ISN'T HE??

13:14 - Cheech! and hes watching expose, that show with whats her name!

18:30 - "Take a time out Neil you frogurt loving bastard."

20:30 - Flaming arrowwwfuck holy shit fuck

21:30 - "if I survive this flaming arrow attack, I'm totally going to have sex with Juliette this season."

28:11 - hurley on sayid: he does crazy ninja moves and spy stuff.

30:00 - Hurley telling the story of the show = hilarious.

34:00 - NEVER shine a flashlight in Sayid's eyes

35:00 - "did you just throw a burrito at me?" Hurley is en fuego.

37:45 - fuck! who are these people??

38:15 - Locke! Fuck!!!

39:00 - WTF??

40:00 - Its that old lady!!! WHAT THE FUCK???

Hope you enjoyed my extremely insightful comments. If I can convince myself to go through the process of capturing all those screenshots again maybe I will record my thoughts in real time to other pop culture events. I'm going to go outside for a walk now, as I have just learned the hard way that I have too much free time on my hands these days.


ming-ming said...

I watched it.
And got very confused.
Back to season 2, haha.

kiley said...

i'm with Ming.... i have to go back and see it all again,*scratches head*